We’ve put this resource centre together for Small Business owners and Marketing students. In it you’ll find some great templates to assist you with your marketing and branding efforts. We also share some of our favourite videos, blogs and articles from marketing greats like Dr Philip Kotler, Steve Jobs, Paul Adams and Michael Porter.





Here is a quick overview of how you can start creating some of your own marketing magic, followed by some free marketing resources to speed you on your way:

We believe that great marketing is a blend of strategy, science, creativity, technology and analysis. This blend of marketing magic, when combined with great products/services gives rise to the  organisations that shape our world. Few can deny the impact companies like Apple, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Nike and others, have had on popular culture and the modern business world.

What will your impact be?

Before you start putting together your marketing plan, you’ll need to define a few key elements: what are the objectives of the plan, who will be using it, what information must it include, what will it look like, etc. This will ensure that: you stay on track, the information flows logically and that you don’t leave anything out.

Our process looks like this, but you can include as many or as few steps as is required to develop your plan.

Take what you think you know off the table and focus on what you can provide evidence for. Research can be a painstaking process and in all likelihood you’ll spend many hours and use more than a few curses, digging through reference material and crawling the web in search of the  information you need.

Your research is the foundation of your plan and it’s near impossible to achieve the right business results if the information steering your efforts is incorrect. Commit to putting in the time to dig deep and find the information you need.

With some great insights gathered during your research you can now begin formulating a marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy needs to be aligned to the goals of your business, communicating with your ideal customers (segmentation) through mediums they respond to/engage with (targeting) about your specific value proposition (positioning).

Whether you are looking to gain competitive advantage through differentiation, cost leadership or a combination of both, your marketing strategy needs to position your brand for success.

Your brand needs to tell your customers: Who you are and Why you matter? Adopt an outside-in view of your business and try to envision a customer’s journey with your business – from their first interaction to their purchase and future purchases.

How do you want them to feel? How do you want them to describe your business to other potential customers? A brand is not just a pretty logo – it’s a feeling, an emotional pull that paints a picture of how your customers should feel from the moment they discover you exist, through to the times they advocate your brands to people they know.

Align your brand to the position you want to hold both in your chosen market and in the hearts and minds of your customers.

“The marketing mix definition is simple. It is about putting the right product or a combination thereof in the right place, at the right time, and at the right price. The difficult part is doing this well, as you need to know every aspect of your business plan.”

The Marketing Mix put simply, this is where your strategy comes to life! Determining the mix of marketing efforts that will deliver your business goals is critical and should be the largest section of your marketing plan. Focus on the 4 P’s and then expand to include the other P’s as relevant. There are many variations of 4 P’s vs 7 P’s vs 10 P’s and it can all get rather confusing – at the end of the day it’s about using the marketing mix ingredients that will have the biggest impact for your unique business.

The expanded list of Marketing Mix P’s:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • People
  • Processes
  • Physical Evidence
  • Performance
  • Payment Options
  • Philosophy

Measure constantly and use results to drive continuous improvement of your marketing efforts.



Here is a quick overview of how you can start creating some of your own marketing magic, followed by some free marketing resources to speed you on your way:



Your guide to being number 1 in Google’s eyes.



Create a great marketing plan with this easy to use template and guide.


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