Ever been really excited for a holiday but then deeply disappointed by the hotel’s reviews and performance on TripAdvisor? Yeah, us too. Make sure the same can’t be said for potential guests who are looking at your property on TripAdvisor by reading our top tips for improving your ranking on this booking and review platform.



Respond to EVERY Review

Reviews and past guest experiences play a massive role in influencing consumer decisions. (Read more about why reviews are critical for your small business) A higher response rate will automatically establish your property’s credibility and put guests at ease that you are aware of complaints and compliments. Pro tip: Always aim to resolve complaints ASAP and in-person / telephonically if possible.

Keep Content Current

Uploading new and fresh content gives your guest insight into the most relevant information for your property. Keep TripAdvisor as current & updated as possible, informing guests of renovations and other happenings at the property. Pro tip: Remember to replace your owner added pics post-renovation that guests can now what to expect.



Prompt Guests for Reviews

TripAdvisor will often provide you with a marketing tool kit to help you, prompt guests, for reviews. This is usually in the form of a digital flyer/sticker that you can have printed and displayed at your reception. More positive reviews = a better ranking. Pro-tip: Consumers usually rely on the latest reviews to guide their decisions, so make sure your reviews are relevant!

Now that we’ve covered the basics, you should be ready to take your TripAdvisor rankings from Zero to Hero! Still need a little extra help? Get in touch with one of our hospitality marketing experts and get ready to take your TripAdvisor performance to the next level…

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