Why Online Reviews are Critical for your Small Business

With more than half of South Africa’s population having made the online switch, it’s more crucial than ever to have a good online reputation. Not only does having a positive online presence improve your credibility, but it also helps you climb the search engine rankings! Check out our top 4 reasons why online reviews are critical for your small business.


They Can Help Convert Leads

Consumers who already have an interest in your business and are in the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey often look at online reviews to help them make their final decision.

It only takes one negative product or service review to plant a seed of doubt, so a string of great reviews could really help your shoppers convert to buyers.

Online Reviews

They Can Help Pin Point your Strengths and Weaknesses

Online reviewers are often brutally honest, so several reviews mentioning the same product or service flaw can easily bring areas to improve to your attention. It’s also a great way to help you recognize excellent employees and give credit where credit is due.


They Can Influence Your Brand Perception

Responding to online reviews is a crucial part of managing your online reputation. Prompt and professional responses that aren’t defensive but rather helpful and supportive show consumers that you truly care about their needs. Positive brand perception can be directly linked to having a good community management system in place.


Reviews Can Help You Climb the Rankings

Positive reviews help you gain consumers’ trust and in-turn result in them sending more traffic to your website, often through referrals. Answering and responding to reviews and queries also allows you to constantly create fresh content that is relevant to your business, giving search engines the green light that you’re catering to searcher’s needs which in turn increases your authority. This “authority” will eventually give you greater search visibility.


Online Reviews


Asking customers to review your business online is encouraged! There’s nothing wrong with asking for a little help once in a while, especially if it includes a little chocolate bribery. Keen on learning more about online reputation management and community management? Get in touch with one of our friendly consultants or read more about this on our services page.

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