Everyone can recall that one ad that brings a tear to their eye. Maybe it’s the ad with a little kitten getting rescued, or a long-lost relative returning home. Here’s our list of top tear-jerker and happy vibes ads, along with a little explanation on why they work and hit you right in the feels… ❤️


1. Bells, “The Reader”

Bells “The Reader” directed by Greg Gray from Velocity on Vimeo.

A beautiful ad that encaptures the human spirit of persistence, courage and pride. Consumers empathize with this ad because the scenario is  touching, heartfelt and genuine. No fancy choreography, no big finish, just pure human emotion.


2. Klipdrift, Friendly Frikkie

Light-hearted and silly, this ad gives you a chuckle. Consumers can relate to the diversity and ubuntu shown throughout this ad. With this feel-good truly South African narrative, it’s no wonder the people of Mzansi smaak their brandy.


3. Nando’s, More South African Flavour

As silly as ever, Nando’s reminds us that fancy effects, props, and aesthetics aren’t everything. Consumers respond well to this ad because it highlights and accepts the fact that sometimes, you just need to sell chicken to people who are hungry.


4. FNB, Help Inspires Greatness

South Africans love being South African. And what’s more South African that the Springboks? This ad makes consumers empathize and relate to every single person and process involved in making something great and being part of the bigger picture.

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