The Latest Google Algorithm Update Explained

Being the world’s biggest search engine isn’t easy. To keep its number 1 position, Google is constantly finding ways to improve their overall user experience and search results through optimization and innovation. This year alone we saw Google Images removing the “View Image” option along with a big algorithm change in March.

The latest update to optimize search launched throughout the past month and fluctuations in rankings have already been spotted…


What it is

The July 2018 Google Algorithm update focuses on something called the “Google Speed Update.” What this essentially means is that websites with slower page speeds will be penalised, especially sites with slow mobile page speeds.


What it means

Mobile optimization has been on the rise and is becoming ever more important to Google and its users. Making sure your website is optimized for mobile greatly increases your favour with Google and will help you climb the rankings faster.


Who it will affect

Google states that only the “slowest of the slow” websites will be affected by the latest algorithm update. However, if your website is not fully optimized for mobile you could still see a fair drop in your rankings over the next month or so.


Google Algorithm update

The take away

Google is constantly changing and launching algorithm updates. Despite how simple some of the updates may be, it still has the power to affect your ranking. It’s important to keep a close eye on your digital strategy and develop new techniques to keep your rankings up. More mobile optimization updates are expected, so keep your peeled for more changes in the upcoming weeks.


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