Next Level Marketing is a strategic marketing consultancy that provides simple, effective and affordable marketing & brand services.

We can take care of all your marketing needs, act as an extension of your marketing department or just help out in the areas where you need the most assistance.

Whether we’re developing your new market position, setting up your new sales channels or thinking through your new consumer experience, we partner with you to generate the insights, infrastructure and plans of attack that move you forward.

We embrace an adaptive methodology that connects your brand with your customers in meaningful ways. We blend strategy, science, creativity, technology and analysis to deliver higher than expected marketing ROI across a wide range of channels.

We develop a comprehensive understanding of the key engagement drivers in your competitive space, identify opportunities to differentiate your brand and create the brand language and visuals that deliver your brand experience.

Do you need a Marketing Consultant?

Do you ever feel like you’re continually changing your marketing approach without any strategy that ties your efforts together or gains real brand traction?

Do you continually compete based on price due to the fact that there’s very little that distinguishes your business and its products/services from your competitors?

Are you struggling to gain a real foothold in your marketplace? Do you struggle to generate new leads for your business and/or convert those leads into customers?

Do you find it difficult to track the return on your marketing and advertising investments? Is marketing just a cost center with little-to-no measurable business impact?

When you evaluate your business’s online presence, including your website, search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, social media, online advertising campaigns and email marketing do you find some of those elements lacking?


We specialise in developing integrated inbound and outbound marketing strategies that help you grow your customer base and get the most from your marketing spend.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Consulting & Strategy

We design new ways of establishing a connection between your brand and your customers.


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Search Engine Optimisation

We take a highly targeted approach to influence Search Engine Rankings and ensure your content is visible to your customers.


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Social Media Management

Social Media Management & Advertising

We build your ideal social audience based on an understanding of who your customers are, where they spend their time and the type of content that resonates with them


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Google Pay Per Click

Google AdWords is Google’s PPC advertising platform in which advertisers bid on keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in Google’s search result pages.


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Next Level Marketing Consultants

Website Design & Development

We design and build engaging web experiences to convert website visitors into loyal customers. Using a blend of design and web development expertise we’re able to create a user-friendly online presence for your brand.


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print media advertising graphic design cape town

Brand Development & Design

We create engaging graphic design elements to aid your brand’s aesthetic and help shape customer’s visual perception of your business.



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We’ll perform a detailed audit of your website’s search engine performance and send the report along with some recommendations to your email within 24 hours.


Our team deliversa unique combination of marketing experience, technical know-how and expert advice.

This allows us to bring innovative thinking and outcome-based solutions to your challenges.

Working with our team

Next Level Marketing brings a collaborative approach to the development of effective, implementable and sustainable marketing solutions. We deliver the right balance of expertise and real world experience across marketing & brand strategy.

We need to understand your business and the desired outcomes of our engagement with you. At a granular level we try to define the results you want, understand past efforts and develop a strategy to take your business to the next level.

We start our relationships with an initial engagement period of three months. We’re confident in our ability to deliver meaningful results for your business and we want you to be convinced before we embark on this journey together.

We deliver outcomes – not billable hours. What internal resources will support the engagement? Is this a good fit for both parties? We define what success looks like through every step of the engagement.

We deliver successful business outcomes and quantifiable added value.

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In our blog we share our opinions and insights on developing trends in the South African marketing landscape and share some of our “tricks of the trade”.

In an industry where the only constant is evolution, Alan is a visionary who sets trends. He is a customer centric, tactical thinker who is able to formulate and execute incredible business plans. His mastery of digital marketing allows him to leverage the internet like a Jedi.
Grant Sandham
Group Sales & Marketing Manager – Premier Hotels & Resorts
Next Level Marketing are responsible for the Fragrance Boutique website and Social Media platforms. They are an owner operated agency that provides us with exceptional service at all times and they continue to super-cede our expectations on all levels.
Anabella Killin
Business Development & Operations Manager - Fragrance Boutique
Alan’s ability to immerse himself in an industry and provide game-changing insights is unrivaled.
Neil Strangleman
Managing Director – Motion Fitness
Great Company with great people!
Clinton Armour
CEO - Anew Hotels
When working with Alan you have the sense of being on the cutting edge of progress ... ahead of the game.
Waldemar Smit
Owner – MyGym
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