Struggling to find your own site on Google? Graphics comparable to the original Super Mario? It might be time to redesign your website. We understand that change can be scary; but having a fully functional mobile optimised website is a critical element of any business, big or small. Here are the 5 tell tale signs that it might be time for a website redesign…


You can’t Update Website Content Easily by Yourself

If you need an entire 20-man agency or the latest software to update website content on your site, you have a problem. Great websites allow you to easily add and remove content without having a full-time developer on call. We highly recommend using a visual builder and content management system like those offered on WordPress.


Your colour palette is RAINBOW

Does the below look familiar? If yes, please stop. Your website should be representative of your brand colours and provide visitors to your site with the best possible user experience. Blue background with red text? No. Flashing headings with rainbow trims? Sies. Stick to white space and one or two brand colours. (Use this handy guide to decide which colours would resonate with your audience best.)



Website redesign


Your website is not optimized for mobile

Over 64% of all search queries come from mobile users and if you’re site isn’t fully mobile responsive, you’re missing out on a large chunk of potential customers. Try browse your site on multiple devices to test your design and optimize accordingly. (Need some help? Learn more about mobile responsiveness here.)


You can’t easily find your site on a search engine

Google yourself and you might be shocked at what you see, or in this case don’t see. If your site has been around for a year or two and the only way for people to find you is through a direct link, you have a problem. Your site may not comply with SEO best practices or be labelled as a “no-index site”. (Hiding it from Google’s spiders and prohibiting them to learn what your site’s about).


You’re not getting any leads from your site

Your website is a 24/hour salesperson and should function as one; continuously bringing you new leads via contact forms or other portals. If people are finding your site but not converting you need to take a look at the user experience and optimize your touch points and call to actions.  (Get in touch for a free website audit and we’ll set you on the right track)


Do you relate to any two or more of these? We can help! View our services page to see how or get in touch with one of our friendly consultants and let us help you take your website to the next level 😉….

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