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Everyone wants to see their Facebook page blow up with a million likes and shares- but it’s not always that easily achieved. Content creation is a vital part of getting your content to go viral. There’s nothing more disheartening than creating content than receives little to no engagement. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more difficult to get your content to your target market.  Understanding the Facebook algorithm is more important than ever before.


Content Curation

Historically, the word “curation” was described as “The action or process of selecting, organizing, and looking after the items in a collection or exhibition”.  Therefore, when related to content creation, the focus is on crafting a series of relevant content that drives a holistic message. You should incorporate a variety of content, including third party, visual, and copy-rich information.


Building your Audience

Before choosing your content mix, you first must discover who your audience is. This is important as anyone else who fall beyond your target audience, will see your message as clutter. Try incorporating content from other industry related pages, but make sure that this relates to your brand and can help educate your audience.


build your social media audience



Define your content pillars

Facebook really doesn’t like horrible, low-quality spam-like content. Your target audience will also be less likely to engage in content that’s low quality, or totally irrelevant to their situation. It’s best to base your content on various content pillars. We like to incorporate four different pillars which helps educate, inform and entertain consumers.


Drive engagement

This is one of the most important factors when building an online presence. Engagement is the number one driver of conversions. This includes link clicks, likes, shares, and comments. Try enticing your consumers by adding a call to action or encouraging comments on your posts. Getting likes on your posts can be a great feeling but likes can sometimes reflect as vanity engagements. Shares provide your brand the opportunity to be seen by more people– which can get your message across a larger platform.


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Talk to your audience

Facebook loves it when a brand communicates & engages with its fans and followers. Replying to comments on your page or messages in your inbox will not only help your reputation as a brand, but also make the Facebook algorithm fall in love with you.


Creating content for Facebook takes time, thought and creativity. Need some help with content curation? Get in touch to find out more about our content & social media services.

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