Social Media Advertising 101

You’ve taken the first step to enter the world of digital marketing and created social media accounts for your business and you’re ready for till to start ringing! But the leads don’t come and the likes don’t either. What now?… We’ve got your back! Check out our basic rules to follow for advertising your business on social media and get ready to start generating real revenue.


Social Media Advertising Do’s & Don’ts:


  • Have a strong call to action. Make sure your posts state a clear next step for your customer to take. Use phrases like: “Get in touch for a quote” or “shop now online” and add appropriate links.
  • Boost your posts with using your social media platforms advertising platforms. Allocating as little as R20 to your advertising spend can hugely impact how many people see and engage with your post.


  • Define your target audience using your social media platform’s audience metrics. You can specify demographics & psychographics within each platform’s boosting platforms.


  • Use text heavy images to promote your products or services. Facebook specifically has a 20% text rule, meaning that they will negatively impact your promotion if a picture in a post has more than 20% of it covered in text.
Social Media Icons
  • Forget to promote your page/profile. As much as you want consumers to purchase your product, a solid social strategy should always include brand awareness. Add some budget to reach your desired audience and increase your organic post reach.


  • Spam your fans/followers. Constantly posting branded content can annoy your consumer and negatively impact your performance on certain platforms. Experiment with ad duration by using a single post that is automatically served to your appropriate social media audience.


Sound complicated? Leave it to the professionals! Get in touch with our team of friendly social media experts and explore our social media management and advertising services to take your business to the next level…