The 3-Month Social Media Starter Pack

Helping you get back on your feet!


We have a huge passion for Mzanzi, it’s people, and its businesses.  From our local Bar around the corner where the waitress always remembers our orders, to our favorite local deli, which makes the worlds best cheesecake;  these memories just amplify our belief that small unique businesses truly make the world go round!

The realities are that people just can’t stop scrolling. Whether it’s tagging each other in memes on Instagram or heading to News24’s Facebook page for the latest news, we are all guilty of spending most of our time online- which is great!

So why not be part of the conversation! Make your brand stand out on your favorite Social Media platform.

With our Social Media Shutdown Starter Pack, we want to help unique brands, just like yours, get feet in their virtual stores.


This 3 months Social Media Package includes everything you need to get your brand out there and talking digitally! What’s even better- the last month is on us!

The 3-months Social Media marketing package includes:

Setup and Optimisation of 2 Social Media Accounts

Social Media Audit

1 Free Content Piece

1 Months Free Social Content

*T’s & C’s Apply



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